Everyone we know dreams of traveling.  We dream of traveling.  It's all too often, though, that you hear of people getting on a plane and going to another country for a vacation.  Why not see your own country?  It's the second largest country in the world (in terms of land mass) and it has amazingly diverse climates.  In no other place can you: swim in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, see polar bears, hike infinite expanses of mossy rocks, skate on a river of ice while you eat a 'beaver tail', speak french and english in the same sentence and still be understood, gaze at the northern lights, cycle trails, kayak rivers, canoe lakes, feast on salmon, feast on lobster and ride horseback on a ranch without leaving the country!

In late 2007, we dreamed of going across Canada.  Thinking that it was the best idea since sliced bread, we decided to start saving up for a summer 2008 voyage.  We intended on buying a little VW camper van and just going where the road took us.  When we found out that we were pregnant in early March, our plans needed a little tailoring.

As excited as we were to travel our country, the prospect of becoming parents was even more exhilarating.  We agreed that our trip would be postponed until our baby had been born.  He was due on Remembrance Day, but showed up a week early on one of the most memorable days in history: election day.  Our little Quinlan graced us with his presence the same day Barack Obama -the best thing to happen to the US in a long time- became president.

Quinlan started to attempt crawling and was showing an understanding of sign language.  CC fully recovered from her spaying and we felt that our departure time was approaching.  We bought ourselves a 1989 Prowler fifth wheel and we're just going to go.

Our plan is to depart from our home in Vancouver and travel up through British Columbia going to as many places as possible.  We'll then go to Alaska, come back through NWT and down through to Alberta.  Then across Saskatchewan and Manitoba while visiting the provincial parks.  Into Ontario to tour around and move on into Quebec.  From Quebec through to New Brunswick.  PEI and Nova Scotia will be traveled extensively and we intend on seeing the Highland Games in NS.  We would love to visit New Foundland, but we have to see what our finances are like when we get to the maritimes.  We may or may not come back through the US.  We're very excited about the whole trip!